High School

Build on your progress from Junior High/Middle School

Your high school years help to expand on your junior high/middle school experiences, allowing you to further hone your interests, practice your skills, and continue building a plan for the future.  Use these next four years to specify a plan that will help you follow through to actualize your goals.

Our high school resources encourage you to continue exploring, recognizing, reflecting on, and understanding your interests, values, and strengths, while also helping you narrow down a plan for your future. Use the checklist below to review what the next four years will bring, or to check your current progress.

Future Planning Checklist for High School

9th Grade: Kicking Off Your High School Years

The start of your high school career is an exciting time:  You’re entering the last few years of school before you transition to adulthood and the next chapter of your journey. As you prepare for your future, review the checklist below to help you plan for and stick to your goals for your first year of high school.

9th Grade Checklist:

10th Grade: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Although you are still early on in your high school career, this is the point at which you begin to reflect on your progress thus far, and the work you still need to complete.  As you reflect, review the checklist below to help you continue to work toward your goals.

10th Grade Checklist:

11th Grade: Home Stretch

You’ve completed half of your high school journey — congratulations! As you enter this phase of your journey, review the checklist below to help you track any action steps you need to take to remain on track with your goals.

11th Grade Checklist:

12th Grade: You Made It!

You’re at the finish line, ready to graduate at the end of the year and take on your next challenge. As you begin to wrap up your high school career, review the checklist below to ensure a smooth finish and transition to your future endeavors.

12th Grade Checklist: