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Are you ready to become a defender of potential? Bigs know their strength is a transformative force for good. Their mentorship means the world to a Little. And in the long run – changes the world. Explore our programs to find the right fit for your unique strengths.

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Explore Our Programs

Are you ready to ignite potential? Mentorship means the world to the kids enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters. And in the long run changes the world. Explore our programs to find the right fit for your unique strengths and availability.

community-based mentoring
  • Volunteer as Individual and Couple
  • Mentor 8-12 Year Old
  • Meet 2-4X/Month
  • 1 Year Minimum
Community-Based Mentoring

Community-based mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters one-to-one mentoring model. Caring adult mentors (Bigs) are matched with children between the ages of 8 and 12 (Littles) who are often facing adversity.

Once a match has been made, Bigs and Littles spend time together out in the community doing activities that they both enjoy. It can be riding bikes, visits to museums, playing board games, simply hanging out, or whatever they decide together. It can be weekends, evenings or after school. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them.


  • Flexible scheduling to fit your availability
  • Long-term impact on Little
  • Explore new interests through events and activities with your Little


Explore Our Programs
  • Volunteer as an Individual
  • Mentor 8-12 year old
  • 60-minutes, weekly
  • August through May (Academic Year)
Site-Based Mentoring

As a Site-Based mentor, you’ll meet your Little weekly at a consistent time and place throughout the school year, such as the Little’s school or your workplace. You’ll spend time together doing activities that are often guided by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff. Matches play games, work on crafts, do shared projects or homework — anything they can do together at their site.

The Littles in our Site-Based Mentoring program are elementary and middle-school students from Twin Cities schools. Big Brothers Big Sisters staff will support you every step of the way to help your match flourish.

  • Volunteer as an Individual or Group
  • Mentor 3-18 year olds
  • Three volunteer options, various locations
  • Three 12-week terms/year
Free Arts

As a Free Arts volunteer, you’ll work with youth in challenging circumstances to support artistic and personal development through a unique combination of mentorship and arts learning. Providing these safe, supportive and consistent experiences enables participants to build trusting and positive relationships that can have a life-changing impact. You can volunteer for one, two or three sessions per year depending on your schedule.

Weekly Mentorship – Individual, 90-minute sessions, weekly

Work alongside BBBS staff and teaching artists to plan and implement fun and engaging art at one of 20 partner locations throughout the Twin Cities. This program brings caring adult mentors and creative arts to youth who may have experienced poverty, homelessness, abuse or mental illness. Through artistic expression and the support of mentors youth can unlock their creativity, providing an hour of respite each week from their daily experiences.

CREATE Workshop – Group or Individual, 2-2.5 hours sessions, 5-6 sessions

CREATE Workshop volunteers work with youth who temporarily live at or participate in programs at partner locations. Youth work side-by-side with Free Arts mentors to explore a specific style or theme in art on a semi-regular basis, without the every week commitment that is required for Weekly Mentorship.

Free Arts Days – Group and/or Corporate Volunteers, 3 hours, 1 session

On Free Arts Days, corporate or group sponsors bring in a team of volunteers and each is paired one on one with a child as an art buddy. Youth and their art buddies spend the day creating art together, sharing lunch and participating in a fun interactive arts activity.

  • Volunteer as an Individual
  • Mentor high school students
  • 90-minutes, 2 times/month, at partner high school
  • August through May (Academic Year)
  • In this program, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides the curriculum, structure and training. You bring your wisdom, experience and encouragement!
Grad Coaches

In this program, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides the curriculum, structure and training. You bring your wisdom, experience and encouragement!

Grad Coach volunteers provide mentoring and support for Minneapolis Public Schools‘ high school students with a focus on building academic confidence and study skills, developing healthy peer relationships, strengthening self-advocacy skills, helping students feel more connected to school, and developing post-graduation plans for careers and post-secondary education.