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Community-Based Mentoring

Our traditional one-to-one mentoring model. Caring adult mentors (Bigs) and children ages 8-13 (Littles) spend time together in the community doing activities they both enjoy.


Site-Based Mentoring

Adult mentors (Bigs) meet one-on-one with youth (Littles) individually or through an employer- or college-sponsored volunteer program at a consistent time and place throughout the school year.

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Graduation Coaches

Volunteers support high school students in strengthening academic skills, improving study habits, cultivating healthy peer relationships, and developing plans for a career or post-secondary education.

Youth Mentoring is Life-Changing

The evidence is irrefutable. Mentoring changes lives. A caring adult can support the potential that lives in every child by simply being present, listening to their stories, supporting them through challenges, and encouraging their dreams. We believe every young person deserves this level of support.

Community-based matches spend time together in the community doing activities they both enjoy — riding bikes, doing arts and crafts, playing board games, or simply hanging out. Each match develops and cultivates a unique relationship that empowers Littles to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate personal successes.

Littles enrolled in our site-based mentoring program receive the same life-changing benefits as in our traditional program, but instead of meeting in the community, matches meet at a consistent time and place throughout the school year. Matches typically meet at the Little’s school or the Big’s workplace to explore fun and educational activities facilitated by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.

Our site-based program is offered at the following schools:

Our Graduation Coaches program inspires high school students to dream big and equips them with the skills needed to turn dreams into reality. With the guidance of volunteer mentors, students learn how to build academic confidence, improve study skills, cultivate healthy peer relationships, strengthen self-advocacy skills, and develop plans for a career or post-secondary education following graduation.

Currently, our Graduation Coaches program is offered only at HOPE Community Academy.