Goal Setting

A Lifelong Habit

Setting realistic and achievable goals is a habit that can be helpful in different areas of life.  Most of us start a year with a fresh perspective on life, and as a result, we often decide that this is the year we will lose weight, get better grades, be a better friend, learn how to cook, and much more.

Quite often, within a few days, weeks, or months, we are ready to give up on our goals and move on.  Maybe the problem is not the goals themselves, but the fact that we didn’t take the time to think carefully about them, and then make a plan that will give us the best chance of achieving them.

Woop Strategy

WOOP is a strategy you can use to think carefully about your goals and to make decisions about how you will achieve them.  Watch the video to learn more about WOOP, and then use the WOOP worksheets to start creating your goals.

WOOP Overview:
This video will help you with the WOOP concept and process.
WOOP Worksheet:
Use this worksheet to help you start creating your goals.
Practice Your Understanding of WOOP:
Use this activity worksheet to help you process an example that will increase your understanding of WOOP.
WOOP Examples For Inspiration:
Looking for an example to help you get started using WOOP?