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Journey of a Dollar: What does your gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters do?

July 28, 2020, Micaela Olson-Macgregor

Ever wonder what happens to the gift you make to Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Follow along as we share your impact step by step – from recruiting a new mentor to the Match Introduction between Bigs and Littles, on through Teen Programs and, finally, Alumni Services after a Little’s high school graduation!

Click here to view the Journey of a Dollar infographic in PDF format.

Step 1: Volunteer Recruitment & Child Safety

Recalling her volunteer interview, Big Sister Lauren shared, “I remember my overall impression being, ‘Wow, the BBBS staff is really making an effort to get to know me and understand my interests and background in order to truly make a match’”. 

Hear more from Big Sister Lauren about the process to become a Big.

Step 2: Volunteer Training

Future Big Brother Vinay shared, “My favorite part was hearing detailed feedback on how to navigate potentially challenging situations such as redefining the relationship when there is a major change, or being adaptable when things can’t go as planned. It really helped me feel more confident, in case any challenges arise between my Little and me.”

Read more about Vinay’s recent experience with the training provided to volunteers before they are matched with a Little to prepare them to be a great Big! 

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 2, Volunteer Experience”

Step 3: Match Introduction

“Landen was enthusiastic about all things sports-related. By the end of the Match Introduction, we were throwing the football with some of his neighborhood friends and joking around.” said Big Brother Ryan.

They could tell right away why Big Brothers Big Sisters staff thought they would be a perfect match.

Read more about the first time Big Couple Ryan & Micaela met their Little Brother Landen!

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 3, Match Introduction”

Step 4: Match Activities & Events

“I think it’s important that BBBS hosts events for Matches. While my Little may not be too social at these events, I think he appreciates seeing other Littles and knowing there’s other Littles out there. And for many Bigs, a free BBBS-hosted event is certainly a great resource to tap into.” – Big Brother Jon

Read more about Big Brother Jon and Little Brother Drevion’s favorite BBBS-hosted events!

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 4, Match Activities & Events”

Step 5: Ongoing Support & Training

“During monthly check-ins throughout March and April, BBBS Match Engagement Coordinators recognized our families were facing some of their most challenging times. Littles were away from trusted friends, teachers and coaches. Families with limited financial resources now had fewer options for basic needs such as food, hygiene items, housing and technology.”

Read more about how Match Engagement Coordinators support Bigs, Littles and families throughout the course of a Match.

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 5, Ongoing Support & Training”

Step 6: Teen Programming

“I love the foundation that we have built in our relationship, with open dialogue. I am grateful to be a trusted adult in her life. My goal is to continue listening well to Amelie, I think this is the best way to support her dreams and hopes.” said Big Sister Emily.

Hear from Big Sister Emily how she and Little Sister Amelie have begun to explore, dream about and plan for Amelie’s future.

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 6, Teen Programming”

Step 7: Match Celebration

Each year, we celebrate Matches that “graduate” from our program after high school graduation. Some of these matches have been together for 6-10 years… Amazing!

Take a look at our 2020 Virtual Match Celebration and learn about how we honor graduating Matches.

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 7, Match Celebration”

Step 8: Alumni Services

“I love having the support of BBBS after high school. It’s nice having help with questions I don’t know the answers to.” said former Little Sister Jonai.

Hear more from Little Sister Jonai about how BBBS has supported her even after high school graduation.

Read “Journey of a Dollar: Step 8, Alumni Services”


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