Graduation Coaches

Individualized support

Grad Coaches aims to support youth, specifically 9th-grade students, in improving their social-emotional skills and increasing positive youth identity. Students have space to further develop their academic and social skills, as well as prepare for their post-high school plans.


Engagement & Relationships

Did you know that one caring adult can make a difference? You will find some session activities that we have explored centered around creating positive relationships with caring adults and peers.

Exploring Personal Values Clarifying Your Values

Academic Self-Efficacy

Research indicates that if students believe in their own academic abilities they will do better at school. You will find some session activities that help you strengthen your academic self-efficacy.

Needs & Supports Academic Check-In


Future Orientation

Having a plan for your future is a critical area of focus for students of all ages. By understanding and exploring your options, you will be better equipped to navigate your future pathway. See how you can use some of the tools to start this exploration!

Career Exploration RIASEC Assessment


School Connectedness

Developing a sense of belonging and connection at school can have positive benefits for students academically and socially. Check out the following session activities to have a conversation around how to establish a stronger sense of school connection.

Finding Connections Your Support System