Arts & Crafts

Feeling Creative?

There are many great outlets for tapping into your creative side, and we have curated some of our favorite ideas for you below. Limited on materials? No problem! These activities are designed to utilize simple and minimal resources you have at home.


Vision Boards

Whether you are starting a new school year, jumping into summer vacation, or planning for five to ten years down the road, a Vision Board is a great way to help you reflect, plan, and visualize your goals.

Use the following guide on the right to help you think about how you want to create your vision board.

Don’t forget to share your vision board with your BBBS coordinator if you make one.  We would love to see what inspires you!


If you find that you enjoy using technology and would rather create a Digital Vision Board, this video does a great job of walking you through the thought process and creation of a digital vision board.  Consider making your own on Canva!

Let’s Play!

Looking for ways to turn your art into games?  Watch this video to learn how you can make your own yard games and stay active!



If all you have is paper, pen/pencil, AND time, consider doodling!  Doodling has been shown to have important benefits with concentration, generating new ideas, and overall productivity.

Click this image below to view the video and learn about the common misconceptions and benefits of doodling! You’ll never think of your drawing habit the same.

If you are not sure what to doodle and need inspiration, here are some other creative doodling and art ideas: