Igniting Potential

Potential lives within all of us. And yet, more than 86,000
youth in the Twin Cities are in need of someone who will
stand in their corner. Our mission is urgent and important.
We’ve sharpened our focus. We’ve re-imagined how we do
things. And it’s only just the beginning. We’re the new Big
Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities.

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Learn how BBBS Twin Cities is helping kids overcome the Opportunity Gap through our Strategic Priorities and innovative programs.

Consider what kids are facing. Minnesota has one of the
highest opportunity gaps — and the lowest ratios of
students to guidance counselors — in the nation. That
translates to tens of thousands of kids who need mentors
in their lives.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities has a bold and
ambitious goal to help more Twin Cities kids than ever
before to ignite and harness their own potential.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission
Create and support mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

Our Vision
All children achieve their full potential.

Our Values
Safety is our highest priority: For the young people in our programs, our volunteers and our staff. We use evidence-based criteria to make and support safe, life-changing matches that protect the physical and emotional well-being of our Littles. We put safety first, always ensuring we have systems, processes and personnel in place to properly support program participants and staff.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are committed to engaging a diverse volunteer network, workforce, and board of directors, creating inclusive work spaces and programs, and contributing to a more just and equitable community.

Life-Changing Relationships: We promise to support positive, life-changing relationships for our Littles, Bigs, donors, employees, and community partners. We will engage program participants in the design, delivery and evaluation of new and existing initiatives and commit to developing relationships before developing new programs.

Continuous Learning & Improvement: We value an environment of continuous learning and improvement that makes space in our processes and programs for inquiry, research and innovation; and in our young people, volunteers and staff, creates opportunities that support personal growth.

Stewardship: BBBS strives to efficiently and effectively use funds to achieve its mission, balancing the need to expend the majority of its funds on current programs with the need to invest in the infrastructure and administrative capacity necessary to carry out its mission over the long-term. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of financial transparency and responsible use of our resources.

Mentoring Makes A Big Difference

Mentored youth do better in many areas of their lives. It’s the measurable gains in academic performance. It’s the child who transforms from withdrawn to confident. It’s the young adult who now has hope and a plan for their future.

Why Mentoring Works.

Unbeatable Ratio. Only mentoring provides long-lasting, one-to-one relationships. Little Brothers and Little Sisters receive undivided attention, uninterrupted conversations and unwavering support. Mentors are consistent — even when home, school and friends are not.

Lasts Through Life’s Transitions. Children are matched at an average age of 9, when they’re still eager to build strong friendships with a caring adult. As the child reaches critical moments in their life — transitioning to middle school, choosing the rigor of their high school classes, navigating post-secondary options — those relationships have already established a deep level of trust.

Impacts All Facets of A Child’s Life. Little Brothers and Little Sisters do better in school then their unmentored peers and are more likely to attend college. The impacts of one-to-one mentoring go beyond academic success — they also make better decisions and have stronger social-emotional skills, which are often predictors of success.

Taking Big Steps Toward Success.

Little Brothers and Little Sisters build strong and enduring, one-to-one relationships with their Bigs — and that bond helps children who are facing adversity beat the odds.

Consider that compared with their non-mentored peers, Little Brothers and Little Sisters are:
75% more likely to receive a college degree
52% less likely to skip school
46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs

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YOU Can Make A Difference In A Young Person’s Life.

Take a little step toward starting something big today. Find out how to be a Big Brother or Big Sister, enroll a Little Brother or Little Sister, or make a donation that supports life-changing friendships.