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Meet A Match: Nicki & JaZarria

April 17, 2023, Katie Huynh

Big Sister Nicki and Little Sister JaZarria show the incredible richness of a match relationship as well as its potential to grow into extended families. The two were matched in July 2019, and their friendship has only grown stronger through all of the activities, struggles, and victories they’ve shared together.

Our matches may be a one-to-one relationship between the Big and the Little, but the Little’s family and our staff also play critical roles in its success. Mai Shoua Lee, their Match Engagement Coordinator, and JaZarria’s mom, Starr, both agree that they all bring out the best in each other and speak positively to the impact of their match. Read the heartwarming thoughts Nicki, Starr, and Mai have to share about each other, and check out their photos to follow along with their journey below!

Big Sister Nicki:

“I have so much joy spending time with JaZarria, Starr, and their family is always so great to me. They have brought me right into their family, and I have loved every minute of it. I’m so grateful for the match and the times I’ve been able to share with all of them. We’re both there to support each other during the good and the bad. We just enjoy learning and bringing out the best in each other!”

JaZarria’s mom, Starr:

“We just love Nikki! She is our family and we wouldn’t change anything! Not only has she been a supportive system for JaZarria, but she has also helped the whole family in any way possible, even if it’s a small gesture. She means so much to us, and we really appreciate not only her time but also her help and generosity with my family! Thank you all for everything – it means a lot and will never go unknown ❤️. Also, thank you Mai and all the staff with BBBS, this has been the best years of my life having Nikki involved!”

Mai Shoua Lee, their Match Engagement Coordinator: 

“They are a perfect match! They’re just always there for each other! Mom always speaks positively of their friendship, and added that Big Sister Nicki is always ‘reliable’ and ‘is like a family friend.'”

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