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Twin Cities Youth Join Minnesota Timberwolves as the 2023-24 Wolves Dream Team

February 14, 2024, Samreen Saadi

Congratulations to 15 Littles from the Twin Cities who joined the Minnesota Timberwolves as the honorary 2023-2024 Wolves Dream Team presented by UnitedHealthCare. Nominated by their Bigs, the team of youth (Camerin, Dominic, Charlie, Vito, Evan, Marco, Amir, Jaylen, Jimmie, Javon, Wisdom, Shai, Wycell, James and Mauricio) along with their family members and mentors, attended an exciting press conference on Saturday, February 10, to officially sign their contracts, meet the basketball players, and learn from the team.

Tim Connelly, Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations, kicked off the press conference and the 15 Littles were introduced to the media, signed one-day contracts, answered questions from the audience, and received personalized jerseys. They then had a special Media Day photoshoot with all the lights, camera, and action to pose in their new jerseys. The day ended with “Player for a Day” where Littles were each paired up with a Timberwolves player and joined them on the courts for basketball practice, while their families and Bigs cheered them along from courtside.

“It felt really good to see Wisdom get out of his shell, and experience this whole moment with a bunch of other kids,” said Big Brother Victor, who shares the mentoring experience with his partner as a Big Couple.

Jeanna Vazquez, Little Brother Evan’s mom, said, “My son had an epic experience, and he can’t stop talking about how cool it was, but as a mom on the sidelines I saw it from a deeper lens. I noticed the smile from ear to ear and a growth spurt in his confidence as he hooped with some fun and encouraging NBA All Stars pushing him out of his comfort zone!”

“The Wolves Dream Team works to build confidence and instill a passion for the game, while providing mentorship to its members throughout the 2023-24 season,” shared the Timberwolves.

The Wolves Dream Team will also be honored at the Timberwolves vs. Brooklyn Nets game on February 24, 2024.

From all of us at Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities, congrats to the 2023-24 Wolves Dream Team of Littles, their families, and Bigs

Little Brother Camerin, age 12 + Big Brother Daniel
Little Brother Dominic, age 11 + Big Sister Kallie
Little Brother Charlie, age 11 + Big Brother Jeff
Little Brother Vito, age 11 + Big Brother Tony
Little Brother Evan, age 10 + Big Brother Jeff
Little Brother Marco, age 12 + Big Brother Steven
Little Brother Amir, age 9 + Big Couple Barry & Stephanie
Little Brother Jaylen, age 11 + Big Brother Patrick
Little Brother Jimmie, age 11 + Big Brother Chris
Little Brother Javon, age 10 + Big Brother Jared
Little Brother Wisdom, age 10 + Big Couple Victor & Roshni
Little Brother Shai, age 9 + Big Brother Andy
Little Brother Wycell, age 10 + Big Brother Scott
Little Brother James, age 9 + Big Brother Christopher
Little Brother Mauricio, age 9 + Big Brother Greg

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