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Try it Together Tuesday: Let it Snow Paper Snowflakes!

December 15, 2020, Katie Sobolewski

It’s time for another “Try it Together Tuesday,” where we share new ideas on ways to interact with your Little! Check back with us every week to discover that staying connected while staying at home doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Let it Snow Paper Snowflakes!

While we wait for winter to arrive and snow to cover the ground, our matches can create a blizzard of their own indoors! Check out these free printable templates to fold and cut into beautiful paper snowflakes. Instructions with step-by-step photos are also included for easy crafting.

While crafting via video chat, matches can watch this fun video from SciShow Kids to learn more about how snowflakes form their beautiful, unique shapes.

If you’re not able to connect virtually with your Little, help them create snowflake art of their own! First, print two copies of your favorite snowflake template, and then cut and decorate one on your own. Once you’ve finished your snowflake, you can mail it or drop it off with your Little and include the blank copy so they can create a snowflake too! Later, you can compare your snowflakes and see how even though you used the same templates, you still created very different works of art.

Don’t forget to post (with your Little’s parent or guardian’s permission) to our Facebook or Instagram profiles and use the hashtag #KeepKidsConnected to highlight all the fun you’re having!

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