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Five Ways to Engage Kids During the Pandemic

May 14, 2021, Lori Dossett

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly impacted our lifestyles as well as our mental health. To keep ourselves and others healthy and safe, we’ve followed numerous social distancing norms and restrictions. While this is an excellent opportunity for spending quality time with family, it also comes with significant challenges.

One such challenge is to keep children engaged. Their tender age makes it difficult for them to understand the gravity of this situation. Here are five ways to keep your children engaged during the pandemic and beyond.

Encourage their artistic abilities

Children tend to be more creative and imaginative than adults. So, what can be a better idea than encouraging their artistic abilities in creative ways?

You can have exciting painting sessions with your children, allowing them to let their imagination run wild. You will be surprised to see the wonders that blossom from their creativity!

Explore a variety of different activities to engage and fascinate children while giving them an opportunity to freely express themselves in beautiful ways. Build a pillow fort, draw or color, learn cursive handwriting, make a mosaic from magazine images.

Teach life lessons through daily chores

Young children might not enjoy helping out with household chores. How many times do you find your children showing interest in clearing the table, helping with the laundry, or cleaning their room?

Children love learning new things and avoid partaking in activities that feel like a burden. While we do not suggest that you force your kids to tag along with you to the kitchen, there is no harm in making these activities more exciting and adventurous.

If you convert boring and mundane activities into learning opportunities, your children will be much more engaged. Imagine trying science experiments in the kitchen or teaching counting numbers while doing the dishes. This will help your children develop a different narrative towards the complicated activities. Furthermore, they will have a positive perspective and open mentality towards other aspects of life.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise

Exercising might not be a fascinating task for your children, so be creative in making exercise fun. Turn on some energetic music and dance along with your child. Put on your walking shoes and head to the park for a healthy walk. You can also participate in games like Tag, Hide and Seek, horseshoes, and Kick the Can. These activities will create a source of enjoyment for your kids while also allowing them to be physically active.

Boost their brain power

Amidst this pandemic, it isn’t easy to find exhilarating ways that keep your mind engaged. Children often learn by visualizing and experiencing different situations in real-time. Without a doubt, the social distancing barriers have robbed our youngsters of this learning opportunity.

Nevertheless, technological advancement is here to serve us. You and your kids can now participate in adventure thrillers that allow them to step into the shoes of their best-loved superheroes and go on a mission to rescue the world! Don’t worry, all of this can easily be accomplished from the comfort of your home.

Your favorite escape room brands are now virtual. Virtual escape games allow the participants to immerse in a live adventure quest while maintaining the utmost solace. All you need is a smart device and a stable internet connection to unravel the perplexing mysteries that baffle our psyche.

Bond over intriguing stories

While physical activities play a significant role in your children’s development, their mental product is equally important. To ensure optimal growth, we recommend you bond with your children through stories.

Reading to them helps boost their imaginative skills. Watching their most-loved movies and educational documentaries allow your children to learn new and effective interactive abilities. You can also have small storytelling sessions and listen to what your child has to say. This will allow your kids to express themselves verbally.

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