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Try it Together Tuesday: Animal Snow Tracking

January 19, 2021, Katie Sobolewski

It’s time for another “Try it Together Tuesday,” where we share new ideas on ways to interact with your Little! Check back with us every week to discover engaging ways to keep your Match connected virtually or in person.

Animal Snow Tracking

Think the winter season is boring and lifeless? Think again! Minnesota winters provide a stunning backdrop for amazing wildlife viewing. Follow the tips below to track and identify natural wildlife anywhere outdoors. 

You don’t need to be an expert to track wildlife, you just need to know the basics! Bigs and Littles can use this easy-to-read identification guide for information on animal walking patterns, track characteristics, and footprint picture guides. Then find a park near you to start tracking!

If you’re not meeting in person, simply print this animal tracking activity guide and mail it to your Little. Consider including a letter with pictures or descriptions of the tracks you were able to find. 

Check out this cool video from SciShow Kids to learn more about being an animal track detective.

Use these tips to ensure your tracking expedition is a success:

  • Bring binoculars
  • Go out at dawn and dusk for the best viewing
  • Be alert and move slowly and quietly
  • Search for tracks in the mud or snow
  • Look near the edges of forests and fields, pond margins and treetops
  • Try these wildlife and nature viewing tips

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