Big Brothers Big Sisters

Together, the future looks big.

Potential lives within every kid. Yet, more than 8.5 million kids are still in need of someone who will stand in their corner. So, we've sharpened our focus. Reimagined how we do things. Modernized how we look and talk. And we are creating new, exciting ways to put our Littles first like never before.

We are the new Big Brothers Big Sisters. We're here to defend every kid's potential. We're ready to build the biggest possible future. Together. And this is only just the beginning.

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One + One = One

One Little + One Big = One Life-Changing Friendship. Do you know a child who needs a caring adult? Someone to throw a spiral, bake brownies, learn card tricks—a mentor who takes time to listen, to be there for your child.

A Little About Littles.

It’s pretty easy to be a Little (not to mention life-changing, fun and free.)

8–12 years old 1 year commitment there's no charge to be a little

Littles come from Hennepin, Ramsey and Southern Washington Counties, Minneapolis’ Northside Achievement Zone, Southern Anoka County and Northern Dakota County.

Parents Are the Start of Something Big.

So your child is going to have a Big Brother or Big Sister. Fantastic! Parents and guardians are the first step toward helping your child’s relationship get off to a great start.

  • Share ideas.
    Tell us about your child’s interests and needs so we can make an awesome match.
  • Give a thumb's up
    Review and approve the Big Brother or Big Sister match that is suggested for your child.
  • Say yes.
    Make your child available for outings and activities with their Big Brother or Sister.
  • Ask questions.
    Show an interest in the things your child does with their Big Brother or Sister.
  • Stay in touch.
    Big Brothers Big Sisters will contact you regularly to check in about your child’s match, and we welcome your feedback anytime.
  • Ready to get rolling?
    Complete the form below to start your child on the path to finding a perfect match!
    Para la solicitud en español haga, click aquí

Sign Up A Little

We Take Child Safety Very Seriously.

We get it. We're moms and dads too. We must keep children in our community safe. No exceptions.

That’s why child safety is our top priority at Big Brothers Big Sisters. We have zero tolerance for abuse or exploitation of any kind. We’ve put the most rigorous child protection systems in place—ones that were designed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center—all organizations that share our deep, unwavering commitment to keeping kids safe.

Our staff and volunteer Big Brothers and Sisters all undergo thorough screening and background checks. We have zero tolerance for any child harm or exploitation. Our child safety systems are the strongest in the industry, and we’re constantly reviewing and updating them as new best practices emerge. Our safety commitment is simple: we do everything possible to keep your child safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the Big Brothers and Big Sisters?

    They’re teachers and electricians, accountants and empty nesters, musicians and millennials—all kinds of adults who live in the Twin Cities and care deeply about helping kids reach their fullest potential. Big Brothers and Sisters come from a wide variety of backgrounds and communities, making it possible to match Bigs with Littles who share common interests and live near one another.

    Before being accepted as a Big Brother or Sister, all volunteers complete an extensive screening process that includes a background check, in-person interview, multiple reference checks, specialized training and much more.

  • When Will My Child Meet Their Big Brother or Big Sister?

    Just as every Big and Little are unique, there’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question. Sometimes it takes just a few weeks to find the right Big for your Little, and sometimes it’s longer.  We want to give every Big and Little match the best chance of success, so where you live, your child’s specific interests and how those align with Bigs-in-waiting are all part of finding the right match.

  • What Is the Time Commitment?

    We ask that families commit to supporting their child for at least one year with their Big Brother or Big Sister.  Research shows that one year is roughly the minimum amount of time it takes to see kids with mentors start to flourish.  That said…we hope this match lasts longer than one year. Many last for years or even decades! During that first year, your child can expect to see their Big Brother or Big Sister two to four times each month for a variety of activities and outings. Some of the activities are arranged by Big Brothers Big Sisters, and some will be just between your child and their Big Brother or Big Sister.

  • What Is the Cost?

    This is an easy one. It’s free! There is no cost to families of Little Brothers and Little Sisters.

Mentoring Changes Lives for the Better, Forever.

National research shows that mentoring has a direct, long-lasting positive impact on children’s lives. Compared to non-mentored peers, Little Brothers and Little Sisters are:

46% less likely to use illegal drugs
52% less likely to skip school
75% more likely to receive a college degree

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