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Recruit a Big; Change a Life

July 5, 2022, Lori Dossett

Word of mouth is our most powerful recruiting tool. We rely on advocates like you to help us share the power of youth mentoring with others. Our Manager of Program Events & Activities, Nylisha McNutt, put this advocacy into action when she recruited a friend to be a Big Brother.

Nylisha encouraged her friend, Johnnie, to apply as a volunteer because he is a great listener and likes to be active. At first, Johnnie was hesitant about volunteering, but interested in learning more. Nylisha explained the power of youth mentoring and that Johnnie would be matched with a boy who has been on our wait list for many months. Her passionate plea easily won him over.

Johnnie and his Little Brother, Ayden, first met at the match event Saints Picnic in May. Since then, they have shared many fun activities together. Johnnie has enjoyed his volunteer experience so much that he is now recruiting friends to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. What a great example of how we’re Bigger Together!

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