Meet a Match: Jenny & Karen

June 7, 2021, Lori Dossett

Little Sister Karen is applying to college next year. She’s been searching for something inspiring to write about in her college essay. She recently watched the new Netflix movie, Moxie, with her Big Sister Jenny and was inspired by the themes of female empowerment and instigating positive change.

Karen channeled her inspiration into action. With Jenny’s support, Karen came up with an idea for a new club at her high school that supports Latinx women in their ambition to attend college. Karen and Jenny created a proposal together, which Karen submitted to the school counselor for approval. A teacher has already indicated interest in being the club advisor, and Karen has many ideas how club members can get involved and fundraise.

Jenny has been a tremendous source of assistance and encouragement as Karen navigates the college application process. These two young women are a great example of how we’re #BiggerTogether.