Eileen & Stacy

October 31, 2016 , jjohnson

Eileen was in elementary school when she was matched with Big Sister Stacy.  Moving from elementary school to middle school was “a really big step” for Eileen, and Stacy was there as a consistent role model and supporter during the transition.

Eileen fondly recalls that “Stacy would just take me out to the movies, go ice skating, standard American activities that most multicultural students, first generation students, don’t get.”

For Eileen, having Stacy in her life helped open her eyes to all that was possible for her.  “My mom is a single mom. Her highest education was a GED. I’m a first-generation student and it’s different having Bigs here in America that can serve as role models of what is really possible,” she noted.

After attending Big Brothers Big Sisters workshops with Stacy where she learned about the college application process, scholarships, and even how to write a terrific essay, Eileen settled on the University of Minnesota.  She’s currently pursuing a B.S. in health and wellness, and has exciting plans lined up for the future.

“This summer I’ll be studying abroad in India where I’ll be studying with Tibetan monks and his holiness the Dali Lama.  Following this trip, I’ll be going through emergency medical technician training, so I’ll be becoming a paramedic and working as a personal care attendant as well and gaining direct personal care experience for physician’s assistant school,” Eileen said.

And it’s clear that Eileen is happy. As she puts it: “I think everyone deserves to make their lives as big and grand and wonderful as they want it to be. I hope by doing that in my own life I’m able to inspire others to pursue that as well.”