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Meet a Match: Taylor & Le’Asia

May 24, 2021, Lori Dossett

Le’Asia is a shy, introverted child who has always wanted a big sister who understands her experience as a Black child growing up in a mostly-white area.  Le’Asia’s mom, Tricia, contacted Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities to see if she could find a strong, Black, female role model and friend for her daughter.

Le’Asia was matched with a young woman named Taylor, who also experienced challenges as a biracial child. Mom and Taylor connected about their shared passion for racial justice, and Taylor was excited to be an important part of Le’Asia’s growing community of Black and POC friends and family.

During the virtual match introduction in February 2021, Taylor offered up a few activities that she and Le’Asia could do together during their first few months. Le’Asia was excited about every activity that Taylor mentioned! Mom said that she’s never seen her daughter open up to someone so fast.

Tricia reports that Taylor has already become part of the family, that she is one of the best things to ever happen to Le’Asia. “Taylor is such a beautiful spirit,” reflects Tricia. “Taylor getting matched with Le’Asia is such a blessing. With Le’Asia being the only girl in our family, having a big sister is exactly what my baby needed!”