Meet a Match: Lauren & Tierra

December 20, 2021, Katie Huynh

Big Sister Lauren and Little Sister Tierra have been matched for over five years, and in Lauren’s words, “We seriously have the best time together, even just doing nothing.” Lauren often spends time with Tierra’s family and last year, Tierra went to one of Lauren’s family baking events. Tiffany, Tierra’s mom, affirms they are like family and appreciates how supportive Lauren is in Tierra’s hobbies and career interests in hair cosmetology.

This year, Lauren became pregnant, and Tierra wanted to do something special for her and the expecting baby. Tierra knew Lauren didn’t want her to spend any money on gifts, so instead, Tierra taught herself to crochet and made the baby a hat and burp cloth. Lauren says she is so excited to see the baby wear them.

Their heartwarming story shows the impact of youth mentoring and its potential to grow and join families into something #BiggerTogether.

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