Big Brothers Big Sisters

Together, the future looks big.

Potential lives within every kid. Yet, more than 8.5 million kids are still in need of someone who will stand in their corner. So, we've sharpened our focus. Reimagined how we do things. Modernized how we look and talk. And we are creating new, exciting ways to put our Littles first like never before.

We are the new Big Brothers Big Sisters. We're here to defend every kid's potential. We're ready to build the biggest possible future. Together. And this is only just the beginning.

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Our Weekly Mentorship program brings caring adult mentors and creative arts to youth who have experienced poverty, homelessness, abuse and mental illness. Through artistic expression and the support of mentors youth can unlock their creativity, providing an hour of respite each week from their daily experiences.

Team Style Mentorship

This approach can ease the initial relationship building process by having others present and reduce pressure to connect 1:1 immediately with a specific person. Youth and mentors connect with different people on different days showing the youth that many people care and are invested in them. Team style mentoring attracts a more diverse pool of volunteers than 1:1 mentoring and can increase the reach at a lower cost.

Both vertical and horizontal relationships and associated skills are essential for positive development of youth. Team style mentoring strengthens mentees ties with other important adults, such as parents and teachers.

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