Perhaps it is true what they say: We are what we eat! This page incorporates a number of great resources about nutrition, including articles, recipe ideas, how-to videos, and more.

Learn how different foods can affect your mood and focus, as well as what you could be eating to increase your personal capacity throughout the day! Check out these articles: Food & Mood and Brain Busters & Brain Boosters: Foods for Focus & Memory

It is important to incorporate a colorful variety of fruits, vegetables, and other significant elements of the food pyramid for optimum health benefits. Here is a friendly reminder of the different elements most commonly used for daily nutrition.

Please note that this is a very traditional representation of what a typical diet has entailed throughout history. There are many substitutes that can be utilized for the dairy, protein, and grain groups as they pertain to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets.


Recipes Ideas & Resources

There are numerous blogs and websites that encourage healthy eating habits and provide plentiful recipe ideas. We have put together some of our favorite options for you below, and hope that you find something that is a great fit for your match or family to try together!

Whether you are preparing to watch a movie or just looking to relax, these 52 snack ideas are sure to bring a little excitement to your recreational time! Looking for something more substantial? Check out these 45 quick and healthy dinner ideas (great for beginners!).

Check out this featured smoothie recipe, courtesy of Teen Program Coordinator, Se’Anna Johnson!

Tiring day behind you?  Check out these videos to spark some ideas for an easy, filling meal that won’t take too much time and energy!