Big Brothers Big Sisters

Together, the future looks big.

Potential lives within every kid. Yet, more than 8.5 million kids are still in need of someone who will stand in their corner. So, we've sharpened our focus. Reimagined how we do things. Modernized how we look and talk. And we are creating new, exciting ways to put our Littles first like never before.

We are the new Big Brothers Big Sisters. We're here to defend every kid's potential. We're ready to build the biggest possible future. Together. And this is only just the beginning.

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Mother-Daughter Retreat

October 29, 2018, Arianna Lyksett

December 1, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
St Paul
Maypahou Ly

Enjoy a full day of one-on-one time with your daughter or Little Sister during our Mother-Daughter Retreat. During this retreat, we’ll provide interactive activities to enhance your relationship, continue to build your foundation of communication and learn about puberty and healthy relationships. This retreat is for Little Sisters ages 12-15 and their Mothers or Big Sisters. Location information is available up registration.