Try it Together Tuesday: Confetti Poppers & Create Your Own Constitution

June 30, 2020 , Katie Sobolewski

It’s time for another “Try it Together Tuesday,” where we share new ideas on ways to interact with your Little! In lieu of fireworks, this week we’re honoring Independence Day by making confetti poppers and talking about the United States Constitution.

July Fourth Celebration: Confetti Poppers & Constitutions!

Bigs and Littles can gather supplies and watch the PlayKid’s video, How to Make a Confetti Popper! While you’re constructing and decorating your confetti popper, use this time to talk about how you and your Little would write your own constitution. 

  • Citizenship- How is citizenship determined in your nation? Can citizenship be revoked?  Will there be citizens with different rights?
  • Voting- What is the criteria for the right to vote? What is the age for voting? Is there a literacy test or some other qualification for voting? Is voting mandatory or voluntary?
  • Leaders- Are the leaders chosen through voting? Are there hereditary positions? What are the elected positions? Does the strongest rules?
  • Basic Right- What rights are guaranteed by the government?(freedom of speech, freedom pf press, right to private property, etc.)
  • Justice System- Is there a jury system? Is there a judge who decides cases? How can you appeal a conviction? What happens to the rights of those convicted of crimes?
  • Changes and Amendments- Can the constitution be amended? If you want to change things do you have to scrap the whole thing and start over? Who decides on changes?

Create Your Own Constitution

If you’re not able to connect virtually with your Little, help them create a constitution of their own! First, print two copies of the My Own Constitution worksheet. Once you’ve finished the worksheet and designed your own set of governing rules, you can mail it or drop it off with your Little and include a blank copy so they can create a constitution too! 

Don’t forget to post (with your Little’s parent or guardian’s permission) to our Facebook or Instagram profiles and use the hashtag #KeepKidsConnected to highlight all the fun you’re having!

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