Try it Together Tuesday: Outside the Box Chalk Activities

June 16, 2020 , Katie Sobolewski

It’s time for another “Try it Together Tuesday,” where we share new ideas on ways to interact with your Little!

This week’s idea comes from Big Brother Alex and Little Brother PJ, who love finding new ways to be active outdoors. Last weekend they had their first match outing since the stay at home order, and created a block long chalk obstacle course – all while social distancing!

Chalk is a great medium for creating beautiful art, but there’s so much more you can do! Whether you’re a match that loves being creative, staying active, experimenting, or chilling out playing board games – this list of Awesomely Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities will have you covered. 

Following special guidelines, BBBS matches can once again meet in person! Please check out our policy on social distance meetings for more information and to determine if in-person meetings are right for your match.

Don’t forget to post (with your Little’s parent or guardian’s permission) to our Facebook or Instagram profiles and use the hashtag #KeepKidsConnected to highlight all the fun you’re having!

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