In-Person Mentoring Resumes Today

June 11, 2020 , Deanna Threadgill

We at BBBS Twin Cities understand that the past few months have been difficult for our Bigs, Littles and families. For many, this feeling is compounded by the recent events in our community. Littles and their families truly need our support and encouragement more than ever.

Beginning today, Wednesday, June 10, Bigs and Littles are once again allowed to meet in person. Because we are still under guidance from the State of Minnesota to practice social distancing and we want to keep all Bigs, Littles and their households safe, BBBS asks you to follow these guidelines when considering an in-person meeting.

COVID-19 In-Person Match Meeting Guidelines

  • Decision to Meet – The Big, Little, and Parent/Guardian must all be comfortable with the match meeting in-person. Regardless of the Little’s age, the visit must be approved by the Parent/Guardian ahead of time. If the Little or their family is not comfortable with in-person meetings at this time, please be respective and understanding of this.
  • Location of Meeting – Visits should occur outdoors at the residence of the Little, Big, or another location that accommodates social distancing measures.
  • Transportation – Bigs are not permitted to transport Littles at this time. A Parent/Guardian can transport a Little to meet a Big, or a meeting can take place near a Little’s home.
  • Protective Measures:
  • Anyone participating in the visit must wear an appropriate face covering or mask. If masks are needed, please contact Stephanie Curtis via email or 651-789-2464. We will mail out donated masks for you and your Little (if anyone in the match does not have a mask, please wait to meet in-person until you receive your mask).
  • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay at least 6 feet apart.
  • Please wash and sanitize hands before and after the visit.
  • Digitally Signed Agreement and Acknowledgement: Before a meeting takes place, both the Big and the Little’s Parent/Guardian must digitally sign an agreement and acknowledgement that they have reviewed these guidelines, will uphold them, and are willingly beginning the process to meet/allow their child to meet in-person. The acknowledgement forms are located here:

It is important to take protective measures and consider risks for everyone in both the Big’s and Little’s households. Please do not meet if anyone living in either home:

  • is considered to be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19;
  • has been exposed or has an increased likelihood of exposure to COVID-19; and/or
  • has a fever, is sick with a cough or cold, or does not feel well for any reason. 

Please keep in mind that the public health situation regarding COVID-19 is a fluid situation. The guidance from BBBS to meet in-person or virtually may change at any time. Please follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota’s COVID-19 requirements to help lower risk of transmission.

We know this is a difficult time, on so many levels, and understand that there are different comfort levels and willingness to resume meeting in-person. Please know that BBBS completely supports a decision to continue connecting virtually for the time being. Meeting in-person is not required at this time.

If you have concerns or questions about how to support your Little during this difficult time in our community, resources can be found on our website and we are working on more resources, including training and additional support. As always, your BBBS staff member is available should you have any questions or concerns.