Staff Spotlight: Meet Stephen Eskro

September 27, 2019 , Arianna Lyksett

Stephen Eskro, Senior School-Based Match Coordinator

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? What drew you to BBBS?
Hello, my name is Stephen Eskro. I am a Senior Site-Based Match Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas and am a Licensed Social Worker. Through the site-based mentoring program, matches meet on a regular basis at a specific site (school, cooperate partner location, etc.) for their mentoring relationships.
I volunteered with BBBS before I worked here. That’s how I got to know the organization, mission and work we do. I enjoyed my volunteer experience so much that I sought employment with BBBS. I am still matched with my Little Brother and we have been meeting for five years!
What part of your BBBS’ mission to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships resonates most strongly with you?
Developmental relationships. I had a high number of development relationships (parents, coaches, church members, etc) growing up. Each relationship was unique and impacted me positively in a different way. I love that our work adds connection and developmental relationships to a youth’s life.
BBBS advocates the importance of community and empowering potential. How do you see your role fitting into this?
To me, empowering potential means exposing Littles to new activities, ideas and places. It means broadening both the mentor and mentees world-view. I love how mentoring can be a bridge to new possibilities and understanding. 
Can you share a particularly meaningful experience that you have had working at BBBS?
I loved working with the BBBS University of Minnesota student group. This is a group made up of 10 or so dedicated college students who are passionate about BBBS. The student group helped fundraise, organize and execute the ‘Big Day at the U’ field trip. This field trip brought 125 Littles from five schools to the U of M. Bigs and were Littles connected at the U of M by exploring campus, participating in student group stations, listening to the U of M marching band, eating pizza lunch and having fun in the Rec and Wellness Center with Goldy the Gopher. For many Littles this was their first time being on a college campus. 
Who and what inspires you?
Nature. I love getting outside for walks, paddles and hikes. I also love to hammock! The beauty, diversity and serenity of the outdoors inspires me. 
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