August 1, 2019 , Jennifer Severson

Welcome to our temporary Volunteer page! We’re updating our website to better fit the needs of our volunteers and families. Thanks for your patience!

Are you ready to ignite potential? Mentorship means the world to the kids enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters. And in the long run changes the world. Explore our programs to find the right fit for your unique strengths and availability.

Community-Based Mentoring

Community-based mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters one-to-one mentoring experience. Caring adult mentors (Bigs0 are matched with children between the ages of 8 and 12 (Littles) who are often facing adversity.

Once a match has been made, Bigs and Littles spend time together out on the community doing activities that they both enjoy. It can be riding bikes, visiting a museum, playing board games, simply hanging out, or whatever they decide together. Matches can meet on the weekends, evenings or after school. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them.

Volunteers are also welcome to join our other programs:

  • Site-Based Mentoring: Become a Big at a specific school or through your workplace
  • Free Arts: Group mentoring; Meets weekly at one of 20 partner locations in the Twin Cities; Three 12-week sessions per year
  • Grad Coaches: Partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools; Mentor high school freshman; Meet twice per month

Let’s get started…

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Info Sessions are online and face-to-face. You have the option below to select the date, time and format that works best for you and your schedule!

If you prefer, click here to schedule a 15-minute call with our Volunteer team. They’re happy to answer all of your questions about being a Big!

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