Seasonal Employment – For Teens!

December 13, 2017 , Suzy Piper

Written by Career Coordinator, Matt Roen

Seasonal Teen Employment Seasonal employment for the holiday rush is going on right now! Looking for a way to earn while you learn? Companies are SUPER ready to hire students searching for more responsibility, and a paycheck during the school year.

Here’s what teens can do to apply:

-Be flexible! Seasonal jobs might ask you to work evenings, weekends, and possibly holidays. Being willing to work these shifts makes for a strong candidate!

-Look everywhere! Retail stores seem like obvious places to apply, but also check out restaurants, warehouses, shipping companies, hotels, and resorts. Think about the places that are busy during the holidays – they probably need your help!

-Different industries hire at different ages, so read up on Minnesota’s labor standards at

-Be positive! Places want to hire friendly people who can deal with stressed-out customers.

-Call or go in-person to apply! Even if there’s an online application, the personal touch shows that you are interested, can increase your chances for an interview, and get you hired faster!

-Guess what? Dozens of Littles were raking-in paychecks this year, employed all over the Twin Cities! So join the teen workforce, and apply today!