Facebook Fundraising

July 27, 2017 , Suzy Piper


Celebrate your birthday by making a BIG difference!

Looking for something a little less material this year to celebrate your birthday?

Maybe your friends want to honor your big day, but you just don’t need one more. .  . .of anything?
Well,  we’ve got the perfect solution – support your favorite nonprofit (that’s Big Brothers Big Sisters, naturally) on Facebook by hosting your own birthday fundraiser!

It’s easy to do, and it makes a BIG difference. You already know what mentoring can do for a child, now show your friends and family.

With these 5 simple steps, you’ll be up and running!

Step 1: Visit our Facebook Page


Step 2: Click on “Fundraisers” on the left side of your screen

Step 3: Click on the blue button that says “Raise Money” on the right side of your screen


Step 4: Fill out the fundraising form with goal amount, end date, and photo, then click create and watch the donations flow in!

Throughout the life of your fundraiser, keep folks updated with how you’re doing. The last day is usually the best, so make sure to post post post to get as much participation as you can!