Carly Peterson Selected as College & Career Advocate of the Year

July 12, 2017, Suzy Piper

Carly Peterson, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been selected as the College and Career Advocate of the Year. For 2 years, Carly has devoted time each week to being an additional, caring adult in a child’s life as a Big Sister to her Little Sister Andrea, a 9th grader at Harding High School.

Carly and Andrea have a strong relationship and enjoy spending time together. They enjoy attending BBBS events, especially in the areas of career exploration, college access and health and wellness. Together they have attended a whopping 21 Education and Enrichment events in the past year and a half!

Carly understands her role as a Big Sister is to not only be a friend to Andrea, but also to provide guidance, introducing her to new opportunities and discussing important topics that will help Andrea to make good decisions as she nears adulthood. She encourages Andrea to think about her post-secondary education and the career path she may take.

Carly has also helped Andrea blossom into a curious, confident young woman.  They participated in a Young Women’s Empowerment program for 5 months, where Andrea experienced leadership workshops and self-confidence building activities.

In addition to the support she provides to her Little Sister, Carly is actively engaged with the agency itself. She provides feedback about Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities and its programs. Through various discussions, she shares her experiences of participating in the Education and Enrichment department’s programs as well as suggestions on how the programs can be improved. She is an advocate for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and her input has helped to provide more meaningful guidance and programs for other Bigs.