David Allerson Selected as School-based Big Brother of the Year

June 7, 2017, Suzy Piper

David Allerson of St. Paul has been selected as the School- Based Big Brother of the Year. For the past three years, David has devoted time each week to being an additional, caring person in the life of his Little Brother, Jonathon.

Every week throughout the school year David visits with Jonathon, a 5th grader at the American Indian Magnet School. They love playing games, learning new skills, talking about school and their favorite things, as well as learning about how to deal with bullies.

David, who uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, plans his transportation to meet Jonathon through the Metro Mobility bus service. Because the routes are always changing, David sometimes has to leave his home 2 hours early in order make it to his meetings with Jonathon on time. David is always there for his Little Brother, and his commitment to being a constant figure in Jonathon’s life is exemplary.

Thanks for being a fantastic mentor, David!