Happy PAL-entine’s Day!

February 14, 2017, Hannah Rosentreter

On a cold winter’s night, generous hospitality and delicious spaghetti warmed the hearts of 50 Littles and their Bigs.


Amore Uptown opened their doors for our Bigs and Littles celebrating February match-iversaries. Lights twinkled from the ceiling, baskets overflowed with bread, and cozy tables were set up for matches to socialize and celebrate. Littles were dressed to the nines to enjoy a fancy classic Italian meal with their Bigs.

The menu highlighted some of Amore Uptown’s most delicious dishes.

Big Brother Jordan and and Little Brother Karl enjoy conversation and pasta

As owners of both Amore Uptown and Tareen Dermatology, Dr. Basir Tareen and Dr. Mohiba Tareen were delighted to share their restaurant space and menu with Big Brothers Big Sisters. They explained that they value giving back to the community, and it is something that is ingrained in their mission as professionals and shared with their staff. Several staff members at Tareen Dermatology wanted to volunteer their time and served as wait assistants at the event.

Little Sister Mya and Big Sister Thanh celebrate two years as a match.

All the matches in attendance were celebrating their match-iversaries, like Anna and Florence who had been matched for 5 years! Now 17, Florence said that she has learned from Anna to, “have a fun life, and just be open. She’s just amazing.” They both expressed how they enjoy spending time together and have formed a great friendship over the years.

John and Dominic were celebrating four years together and showed up wearing ties and button down shirts. Normally, they go to Timberwolves games together, so John said, “This is kind of unusual!”

Big Couple Aleisha & Mike dine with Little Brother Raiden to celebrate their first year together as a match.

Elizabeth, a Big Sister and a Tareen Dermatology employee, was celebrating her 1 year match-iversary with her Little Sister Aaliyah, age 10. Aaliyah was excited to share the night with her Big Sister to celebrate acing her Reading and Math MCA practice exams.

Big Sister Elizabeth with her Little Sister Aaliyah

Amore Uptown General Manager Tim McHugh, Amore Uptown owners Dr. Basir Tareen and Dr. Mohiba Tareen, Tareen Determatology employees

It was a very special night for our Bigs and Littles and the perfect way to celebrate life-changing friendships.

From Big Brothers and Big Sisters to you, Happy Pal-entines day! We hope its everything you could have wished for and Amore. <3

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